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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Planning

We are experienced in undertaking Landscape Character and Visual Impact Assessment Reports to assist in the planning process for proposed development schemes.

We would begin a LCVIA by carrying out a desktop based asessment of the relevant planning designations, landscape characters, Public Rights Of Ways and statutory environmental designations. We would also plot the Zone of Visual influence which would then be tested and verified by a site visit where visual receptors and viewpoints would be identified. This preliminary assessment would identify the baseline conditions from which the proposed development can then be assessed.

The key landscape characters, landscape components, key receptors and viewpoints can then be assessed in relation to the proposed development and surrounding area. The visual impact of the proposed development on the landscape characters, components, receptors and viewpoints can then be described and assessed. Mitigation measures which would ameliorate or limit the anticipated impact would be described and considered in relation to the anticipated visual impact.

Landscape Character and Visual Impact Assessments are carried out in accordance with the guidelines and methodologies as set out by the Landscape Institute.