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Arboricultural Surveys

Tree are an important physical element within our rural and urban landscape and offer many benefits including visually softening the built environment, providing opportunities for wildlife and displaying seasonal change. They are also a key resource with regard to climate change, contributing to urban cooling and reducing energy demands on buildings.

Trees are considered a material consideration in the UK planning system and therefore Local Planning Authorities would normally expect a tree survey to be carried out in relation to planning applications where trees may be affected by the proposed development or the anticipated construction activities.

We are experienced in carrying out tree surveys to BS5837: 'Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction' having prepared arboriculture planning packages for many projects for both public and private clients. Weare able to offer a comprehensive and competitive arboriculture consultancy service for both small and large schemes.

Prior to any initial design work and following an on-site tree survey, the British Standard 5837: 'Trees in relation to Design, Demolition and Construction' recommends a Tree Constraints Plan be prepared which identifies all the existing trees, calculates and plots the existing Tree Root Protection Areas and categorises the existing vegetation according to quality and amenity value. It is suggested that this information should then be used by the design team to inform feasibility studies and design options.

Following design development and a defined architectural layout, a Tree Protection Plan and Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report should be compiled for submission to the Local Planning Authority as part of the planning application. This information should identify trees and vegetation which are to be removed and the protection measures for the retained trees along with any temporary or permanent mitigation measures necessary to minimise the impact of the proposed development and construction activities on existing trees and vegetation.