Ramsay & Co
Landscape Architecture

Design Approach

Our approach with both large and small projects is to design landscapes which reflect and enhance the existing character and atmosphere of the proposed site – the 'Genius Loci'. Although we draw on traditional elements of landscape and garden design we endeavour to create original, contemporary external spaces which are of their time, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources including painting, sculpture, science and the natural world.

We try wherever possible to use quality hard landscape materials with bold planting schemes which mix herbaceous, shrub and tree planting, creating a balance between the traditional order of formality and the wildness of nature. We have extensive experience in designing and incorporating bespoke elements of sculpture and furniture for both public and private spaces – details which can contribute to making an external space unique and creating a ‘sense of place’.

By keeping our overheads low we are able to offer a competitive landscape consultancy service allied with a pragmatic and realistic approach to landscape design and problem solving. Often, the success of any public external space can be gauged by the manner in which it is maintained - if no one cares then nothing will be done when the landscape is threatened either by other users or poor maintenance, therefore we are strong advocates of consultation and are collaborative by nature, taking a holistic approach to the design process with the views of the client, stakeholders, end users and fellow professionals all vitally important to the ultimate success of any scheme.

Traditionally landscape and garden design attempted to exert control over nature. Increasingly, as human activity encroaches on the natural world this approach is not always appropriate and it is now essential that existing, natural habitats are protected and integrated within any external landscape design. We have extensive experience in working with ecologists to ensure that any identified ecological constraints are incorporated within the scheme design, ensuring that the existing flora and fauna is protected and where possible, enhanced and reinforced.

Our goal is to design and create sustainable urban and rural landscapes through a holistic and integrated approach, which seek to balance the twin concerns of conserving and enhancing the environment.